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Charles Lennie (b. 31 October 1859, Ophir, Orkney, d. 27 June 1909, Scalloway Hotel) was a builder, hotel owner and County Councillor for Burra from December 1898 until his death in June 1909.


When he was 20, he emigrated to Canada to work as a builder. He worked between there and Texas, before eventually returning home to Kirkwall where he stayed for 5 years. When he moved to Shetland he became the owner of the Scalloway Hotel. Unfortunately the hotel and his residence within it was ravaged with fire in 1908, and although this was covered by insurance, he lost all his possessions and the event contributed to his ailing health.

He was a member of the Gordon Highlanders, and he also presented the "Lennie Cup" to the winner of an annual shooting competition.

He unsuccessfully contested the 1898 Burra County Council by-election.

Political Career

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