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Lerwick Bowls club in Gilbertson Park, 1930's. George Duffin is in the middle row on the far right. Back Row: T. Hendry, John Duthie (Dentist), Laurence A. Cogle, ?, Jimmy Macintosh, Mathewson (Tailor), Feint (Coastgaurd). 2nd Row: Robert Blance (former Provost), Henry Mouat (Tods LTD), George Inkster (Shop Keeper), John T. J. Sinclair, ?, George H. Duffin (Pearl Insurance) Front Row: ?, William Halcrow, ?, Jimmy Houston, Peter Laurenson (Shop Keeper), L Dalziel Sr (Painter), L.Robertson (Shop Keepter), Tommy Nicolson, ?

George Herbert Duffin (b. 1862, Winchester, Hampshire, England, d. 28 June 1936, Lerwick) was an insurance manager and Lerwick Town Councillor firstly between 1920 and 1934, being an unsuccessful candidate in the latter, before returning in 1935 until his death in 1936.

He unsuccessfully contested the Lerwick Central seat in the 1919 County Council election and the 1921 Lerwick Central County Council by-election, the 1919 Lerwick Town Council election and 1934 Lerwick Town Council election.

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