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Guidelines for the Shetland Online History project are relatively simple.

SHO does not tolerate:

  • Personal attacks on individuals
    • The community is a friendly place designed for the collection of historical works, facts and stories about Shetland. In some instances, where historical evidence is lacking or is unclear, disagreements are likely to arise. That's fine - it's part of the discussion of history, but just don't let it get personal.
  • Inappropriate content and additions (Obscene material)
    • This includes things like copyright material. If you're going to upload a photo, make sure you're allowed!
  • Bigoted, racist or sexist material
  • Favouritism in an article
    • We're an independent and neutral source. We don't favour one business or individual over another. Each article should be written with a neutral approach.

This list is not exhausting. Be a constructive contributor and help make the SHO project great!