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John Gordon 'Jack' Rae (b. 22 Dec 1904, Edinburgh, d. 4 Dec 1985, Weisdale) was a missionary, jeweller and County Councillor.

Jack first arrived in Shetland and was a missionary on Foula. He stayed in the Weisdale Manse with his wife margaret and two sons, Alistair and Kenneth. He set up his jewellery shop after Robinson and Morrison moved into their present shop.

In 1963 the Jewellery Business expanded and moved into their new present premises at Soundside, Weisdale the present business is called Shetland Jewellery where the Jewellery is produced in their workshop and is combined with a retail outlet and display area. In Lerwick at 90-92 Commercial Street their shop still operates as J. G. Rae Ltd and Kenneth is the Key pin of both operations.

He unsuccessfully contested the Whiteness & Weisdale seat at the 1973 County Council election and the Whiteness, Weisdale & Tingwall seat at the inaugural Shetland Islands Council election in 1974 and for the same seat at the 1978 Shetland Islands Council election.

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