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Laurence Greig Stove (b. 8 October 1833, Lerwick, d. 12 April 1889, Macgregor's Rutland Hotel, Edinburgh) was an ironmonger, merchant and Lerwick Town Councillor between the years of 1871 and 1889.


Laurence Stove served as a carpenter's apprentice in Lerwick until 1851. He then moved to Glasgow and remained there until the outbreak of the Crimean War (1852), where he went out in a Turkish transport and remained in the Turkish service until the war was over, whereupon he returned back to Shetland.

He constructed a saw mill with his brother in Lerwick which contained the first steam machinery imported into the isles and he went into business as a wood merchant. He subsequently worked as an ironmonger and ship chandler in commercial Street, continuing to work until his death.

His brother Alfred was also a Lerwick Town Councillor.

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