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The Shetland Islands Council is the local governmental authority for Shetland. The responsibility of the council include roads, health, education, council tax, and culture.

Due to the oil boom in Shetland in the latter part of the 20th century, the council was one of the richest in Britain, if measured on a by-person basis.

The most recent election of it's councillors was in 2012 and the next election is scheduled for May 2017.


The Shetland Islands Council was officially formed on the 1st May 1975, combining the roles of the Zetland County Council and Lerwick Town Council, both of which stopped business in August following a local government reorganisation.

The Council

Shetland Islands Councillors are elected every 4 or 5 years and meet in the Lerwick Town Hall. The current Chief Executive is Mark Boden, who begun the role on in 2012.

Currently, there are 22 councillors representing 7 multi-member wards.

Current Councillors


Area Represented



Malcolm Bell Lerwick North Independent Convener 70px
Gary Robertson Shetland West Independent Political Leader 70px
Mark Burgess Shetland Central Independent 70px
Peter Campbell Lerwick South Independent 70px
Gary Cleaver North Isles Independent 70px
Alastair Cooper Shetland North Independent 70px
Steven Coutts North Isles Independent 70px
Allison Duncan Shetland South Independent 70px
Billy Fox Shetland South Independent 70px
Robert Henderson North Isles Independent 70px
Andrea Manson Shetland North Independent 70px
David Sandison Shetland Central Independent 70px
Cecil Smith Lerwick South Independent Depute Convener 70px
George Smith Shetland South Independent 70px
Theo Smith Shetland West Independent 70px
Michael Stout Lerwick North Independent 70px
Frank Robertson Shetland West Independent 70px
Amanda Westlake Lerwick South Independent 70px
Jonathan Wills Lerwick South Independent 70px
Allan Wishart Lerwick North Independent 70px
Vaila Wishart Shetland Central Independent 70px
Malcolm Bell Lerwick North Independent 70px

†Elected by by-election following the death of James M Manson.
*Elected by by-election following the death of Cecil Eunson.