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Reverend William Fotheringham (b. 10 September 1873, Forfar, d. 9 April 1926, Deaconess Hospital, Edinburgh) was appointed Minister of Dunrossness Baptist Church in 1901, a post he held until 1917 when he transferred to become Minister of Lerwick Baptist Church.

Shortly after his appointment in 1901 he was elected on to the Dunrossness School Board, and in 1912 was both architect and administrator of building the new Dunrossness Baptist Church. He joined the Zetland County Council in 1907 filling the seat vacated by the death of John Bruce, which he held until 1919. During his time on the Council he became Chairman of the County Roads Committee, Chairman of the Mainland District Committee and Vice-Convener of the County.

During his period at Lerwick Baptist Church he became a member of the newly formed Council Education Committee, a governor of the Anderson Educational Institute and Padre to the seaplane base at Cat Firth, Nesting.

He had a keen interest and understanding of medical matters, and in particular the care and treatment of T.B. In 1919, on behalf of the Trustees of the Old Gilbert Bain Hospital he personally purchased and installed an X-Ray machine and other electrical equipment, and was for a time honorary radiographer.

He was also a keen naturalist, and wrote "Nature Notes" in the "Shetland News" newspaper in 1921 under the pen-name "Zoe".

Outside of Shetland, he was the minister of the Pathhead Baptist Church in Kirkauldy from August 1924 to March 1926.

Political Career


  • Information contained within The Dunrossness Story by James W. Irvine was a main source of reference when preparing this article.

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