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Alfred Sturge Stove (b. 20 March 1840, Lerwick, d. 13 October 1901, Lerwick) was a wood merchant and County Councillor who represented Gulberwick from 1890 until his death in October 1901. As a County Council election was scheduled for December of that year, his seat remained vacant until then. He was also a Lerwick Town Councillor from 1895 until his death.

His brother Laurence was also a Lerwick Town Councillor.

He unsuccessfully contested the 1876 Lerwick Town Council election.


Alfred entered his fathers wood merchant business upon leaving education, and when his brother Laurence, returned to Shetland in 1858, the two brothers entered into business together as L. G. Stove and Co. Laurence died in 1889 but Alfred continued the business until 1895.

He travelled extensively, including to Scandinavia, Western Europe, Russia and America. While in America, he met President McKinley, who was later infamously assassinated.

He was associated with the Wesleyan Church.

Political Career

Lerwick Town Council

Zetland County Council

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Zetland County Council
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