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Laurence Gilbert Johnson (b. 13 May 1890, Collafirth, Northmavine, d. 13 February 1982, Lerwick) was a farmer, County Councillor and author. He was the first son of William Johnson and Margaret Copland.

Johnson saw, and in later years reminisced about the last days of the haaf fishing based at Ronas Voe where his father was a skipper; on three occasions he and his brothers attended the fishing foy there.

When the fishery ended, Johnson's father took tenancy of the sheep farm at Setter in Mid Yell, and Laurence and his brothers continued to work the farm after the old man died. Johnson played an active part in Yell affairs: he was a County Councillor and a founder member of the debating society.

He became a firm friend of the Yell scholar Laurence Williamson. When Williamson died, Johnson salvaged his papers, and in due course wrote a biography of him: "Laurence Williamson of Mid Yell", published in a limited edition in 1971.

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