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Selina Garriock (neé Darrell) (b. 1877, New York, USA, d. 2 September 1938, Scalloway) was a County Councillor for Tingwall from 1935 until her death in 1938, and was the first female County Councillor.

Her husband, Lewis, was also a Councillor.


Early Life

Selina was born to George Frederick Darrell and Mary B. Usher, she was the youngest of two, having one sister, Jean. She met and married Lewis in 1903 in Broughty Ferry. Shortly thereafter they moved to Shetland where the lived in Gibblestone House. In 1913, they built a cottage on Westshore.

Public activities

Described as an "intelligent and well-educated woman", she was a member of a number of public bodies, including the Education Committee from 1934 until her death, she was the Chair of the School Management Committee, a founding member of the Tingwall, Whiteness & Weisdale Nursing Association and President of Scalloway W.R.I.

In 1935, she was elected to the Tingwall (which incorporated Scalloway) seat on the Zetland County Council. Lewis had also held the seat from 1909 until 1913.

As a Councillor, she was described as one of the most regular attendees, and the Shetland News concluded that "no district could have a more devoted, earnest and attentive member". She died in office, with an election due in December of the same year.

Later life

Having lost her husband in April of 1938, she had experienced considerable strain looking after him. She had suffered from a protracted illness and after returning from a short trip to the Scottish Mainland, her health continued to deteriorate. Despite her illness, she still attended a W.R.I. flower and vegetable show and was still receiving phone calls on the day of her death.

She suddenly became very ill on the same Friday evening and passed away.

Such was her standing in the community that her funeral was a public one. All businesses in Scalloway closed during her funeral, and the flag of the County Buildings on Lerwick were flown at half mast. She is buried in the Tingwall kirkyard.

Political Career

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