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For other people with the same name, see Magnus Shearer.

Magnus Shearer as Provost of the Lerwick Town Council.
Image kindly supplied by the Shetland Islands Council
Magnus Shearer profiled in the Shetland News in 1937.
Magnie Shearer making speech at regatta sports. To left of him are Margaret Smith, Sandy Bennett, right of him Willie Inkster, ?, Andrew Sandison
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US Pilot Charles Lindbergh and wife being brought to the Bressay slip in Harbour Trust launch, August 1933. (back) J. Masterton - Chief Coastguard, (front) Bob Greig, Robert J. H. Ganson, Charles Lindbergh, George Burgess, Magnus Shearer, Annie Lindbergh, Robert Ollason, William Sinclair, John Sinclair, Geordie Russell.

Magnus 'Magnie' Shearer (b. 12 July 1890, Clate, Whalsay, d. 8 March 1961, Lerwick) was the managing director of J & M Shearer Ltd, Lerwick Town Councillor and County Councillor for Whalsay And Skerries between 1924 until his election onto the Town Council in 1936. He represented Whalsay and Skerries again between 1947 and 1958

He was the father of Magnus.

Shetland Times Obituary Notes

After leaving school, he served as a cook on board the Whalsay herring boat 'Reindeer', but thereafter began a cooper's apprenticeship under his father, making barrels in Lerwick for A. Wood & Sons, who later employed him on a station in Shields.

He joined the Gordon Highlanders in 1912, and in 1914 when war broke out he was called back to Lerwick. He left Shetland with other GHs in 1915 and was picked for officer training and commissioned in 1916 before crossing to France where he served on the Western Front as a Lieutenant in the 9th Gordon Highlanders. He volunteered for overseas active service and held the Volunteer Medal. He declined a post in Nova Scotia as a fishery officer to return to Shetland, and set up a Herring curing business in Lerwick, J & M Shearer. When the Second World War broke out he was against called for duty, being asked to take command with the rank of Major. He was initially posted away from Shetland but returned in 1941, remaining in the Military Control until the end of the war in 1945. He then received a Territorial Decoration and was accorded the rank Lt-Col.

In public life, he was a councillor, a Justice of the Peace in 1949, a vice-consul for Sweden, an honorary Sheriff-Substitute. Politically, he was a Conservative, and was adopted early in the 1950's as a prospective parliamentary candidate but he resigned in 1953 owing to illness.

Political Career

Lerwick Town Council

The Janet Courtney Hostel for boys opening ceremony, platform party. Left to right front row - James Pottinger, P. Inglis - Carnegie UK Trustee, Sir Basil Neven-Spence - M.P., E. Salter Davies - chairman of trustees, Lt. Col. Magnus Shearer - chairman of education committee Back row left to right - J. Cunningham - trustee, J. Pirie Glen - Carnegie trust treasurer, J. Shearer - architect of hostel, J. Wilkie - Carnegie trust secretary, Rev. W.C.B. Smith - St. Columbas, Lerwick.

Zetland County Council

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